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Sophie Hastings


Sophie plays in the Percussion Quartet 4-Mality. Based in Manchester, UK, She works with The BBC philharmonic, The Halle and The RLPO playing Drum Kit, Latin and Orchestral Percussion. She also plays on various uk touring shows and teaches Drum Kit and Latin Percussion at Chetham’s School of Music.

ARTIST SET-UP: For 4-Mality too numerous to mention but I love my 12″ David Garibaldi Hi-Hats and O-zone crashes and the inimitable 10” salsa splash!

For kit work my good all round cymbal set up is 20” Bounce Ride, 13” David Garibaldi Hi Hats, 16” HH Medium thin crash, 17” AAX explosion crash. 20” Manhattan ride for jazz work.


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