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Drummers vocabulary

Drummer vocabulary

  • Punch-in

    puhnch in


    The act of starting a new recorded performance in a specific spot in a recording, typically to redo a section that was not performed to the player’s satisfaction.

  • Board / soundboard

    bord / sownd·bord


    A multiple-input hub into which all instruments, voices, and other sound-producing devices are plugged, which allows an engineer to set their volumes relative to one another for the listening audience.

  • Mix



    The relative volume and combination of all the recorded instruments that create a finished musical recording. “Mixing” is the act of creating this finished recording. Mixing is used to describe combining the sounds of previously recorded instruments or setting the levels of each instrument/player at a live performance.

  • Sound engineer

    sownd en·juh·neer


    The person who records and mixes music.

  • Overdub



    In a recording session, playing another additional part over an existing recording after the original recording has been executed and saved.

  • Studio



    A room or facility that is dedicated to the playing, practicing and/or recording of music (e.g., “recording studio,” “drum studio,” “teaching studio”).

  • Session



    A recording session; an event where music is being recorded. Recording sessions usually take place in a recording studio.

  • Over the barline

    ow·vr the baa·line


    A musical motif that begins in one bar/measure of the music and does not end on the beginning of the next bar/measure, but continues into the next bar/measure and resolves somewhere within it.

  • Measure / bar

    meh·zhr / baa

    In written music, the smallest division of a piece of music.