15” Artisan Light Hats

Catalog ID: A1501

15” Artisan Light Hats

Catalog ID: A1501


Deep, dark and rich, 15″ Artisan Light Hats deliver complex tone with crisp yet soft stick sounds, for dynamic responses at all levels. With their high-density hand hammering design for musically-rich dark tone, Artisan Hats have always been synonymous with masterpiece. Artisan Light Hats now offer drummers all of that Artisan sound for low-volume situations. The key to this new design lies in pairing a thin-crash weight top with a medium-light weight bottom, resulting in lower-pitched tone than Sabian’s regular Artisan Hats. This combination also adds more complexity and more open sound, which in turn makes them a great choice for lower volume situations. However, drummers would be wrong to view these as exclusively intended for low volume. While not designed for loud and heavy bands, their complexity and rich, dark tone are ideal for virtually any other setting.





Medium-Thin Top / Medium Bottom

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