22” Hammertone Chinese

Catalog ID: H22CH

22” Hammertone Chinese

Catalog ID: H22CH


Designed with veteran Jazz artist Jeff Hamilton – renowned for a very musical cymbal sound – the 22” Crescent Hammertone Chinese is a complex cymbal that delivers warm spread and controlled attack. The Hammertone Chinese is not 100% clean lathed – a little “bark” is allowed to remain on the surface. The bell is lined and the lip is flatter than a typical Chinese – it’s also heavier than your typical China. The result is a cymbal that works more like a China Ride than it does an effects China, while offering enough overtones to provide a tasty level of trash. Crafting a cymbal line for an uncompromising artist like Jeff Hamilton is not an easy process. Meticulous care was taken through each step of the manufacturing process and Jeff travelled to the SABIAN factory on multiple occasions to work with Vault craftsmen. The result is a flawless line of cymbals delivering uncompromising tone.





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