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Jack Tung

COUNTRY:  Taiwan

GROUP:  DHARMA, Stench of Lust, 77’N DD


Jack Tung is a pioneer of Taiwan’s Rock ‘n Roll scene and a longtime drum teacher. He currently plays drums in DHARMA (Death Metal), Stench of Lust (Grindcore), and 77 N’DD(Electronica). Jack founded and created Jack’s Studio in the hope of helping rock music take root within ethnic Chinese culture, and he has taught in countless charity groups and school clubs. All in all, more than 10,000 students have passed through his classrooms, and you can always spot either Jack himself or his students at rock concerts throughout Taiwan. Meanwhile Jack has hosted more than 2,000 shows for up-and-coming musicians and bands locally, giving them an opportunity to flourish. He had also hosted more than 300 Masterclasses and clinics to help spread the roots of rock and strengthen them in the East Asia region.

Jack’s motto is, “Faith doesn’t necessarily bring you anything, but faith can give you strength when you need it.”


Hottest Music Live Competition – Best Drummer

First Death Metal album to be independently published in Taiwan-Lycanthropy,

First band to start Chinese independent production

First drummer with double bass single stroke roll speed over 300 BPM in Taiwan and winner of the title of fastest drummer with double bass single stroke in China.

Forming DHARMA and the international wave it has caused. The band is very proud to be spreading their beliefs through music. Jack will always keep rocking, and for him, metal will never die.

Jack Tung’s Gear

Like you – our drummers love to keep it spicy. So our sound specialists work directly with them to build the sounds they need to keep pushing boundaries – sometimes in directions we never could have dreamed of! This is what they’re playing.
14” HHX Evolution Mini-Chinese


14” HHX Evolution Mini-Chinese



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