Claire Weckl  

Dave Weckl

COUNTRY United States      


Bursting onto the international music scene with Chick Corea's Elektric Band, Dave Weckl rapidly defined himself as one of modern drumming's leading young talents. Accomplished and adventureous, with firm grounding in the traditions of technique, time and taste, he rose through the ranks of the New York club and session scene, playing with such major names as Paul Simon and Michel Camillo before teaming up with Corea and becoming a major influence on drummers around the world. But with his fiery style and highly independent nature, Dave was soon fronting and recording with his own band. He knew where he wanted to go with his drumming, and The Dave Weckl Band was the result. Blending elements of jazz, funk, world and more, Dave and his band have opened up a new groove for the drummer once known in New York as the 'the wicked kid from St. Louis'. Perpetual Motion, the latest from Dave's band, including keyboardist Steve Weingart, bassist Tom Kennedy, and saxophonist Gary Meek was the start of a musical direction that sees Dave rediscovering himself and his music. It's this desire to move into the future, to progress and perfect that makes Dave such a driving force in drumming. Witness the packed clubs, the poll-topping positions in the drum magazines, and the critical acclaim. Without a doubt one of modern drummings most influential and inspiring voices, Dave Weckl is a drummers' drummer.



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